Coversation with Crow..

Greetings My friend
How are you today?
What  my friend is that tear falling from thy eye?
Why the sadness on a bright and beautiful day?
A tear falls now and then for one I loved
He is gone now, and so is part of my heart
Will I ever feel whole again?
The wheel turns for all of life
Yet I see it does not make it  easier
You must know he loved you very much
Remeber him  for the good times
Not for what and why of his loss
Thank you my friend
What a comfot you are
In dealing with loss
My friend remember
It is all part of the cycle of life
One day your cycle will be complete
You will breathe your last  in this plain
Yet breathe your first in the next
Soon one night we shall fly as one
Into the arms of the Dark Mother…………

~ by Daaughter of the Morrigan on March 29, 2009.

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