Maiden Mother, Crone


T he Triple Goddess Maiden Mother Crone

 The Maiden-

She is sometimes reffered to as the Virgin. She is the spring, the begining and birth of new life. She is the dawn,eternal youth, enchantment and seduction.She is free , independant,coy ,yet graceful. She is the beauty of nature.Hers is the waxing moon.Her color is often white,depicting innocences, and purity. She is most associated with youth, and puberty but can be experience by anyone.She is good to work with when you need a new perspective, out look, new idea Her power effects new herbal gardens, gardening, planting, success for a new job, welcoming a new baby,creativity, artistic, and even romance. Really any type of new begining and or adventure. A few Maiden Goddessess- Hebe, Artemis/Diana, Aphrodite,Kore Anu, Bridgid, Parvasti. I open my mouth and my heart sings A song not learned nor taught by a man I sing the song of the virgin Pure and innocent She is carefree Lalalala Lalalala Can you hear her tune Can you hear Her melody A song not sung with human words So no man may copy for it is Her song It is the song that arouses the sun to rise It is a song that birds know how to sing In a chorus of joyous melody To wich all nature sings It is the song of the virgin As She dances carefree

The Mother

The Goddess as Mother seems to be more natural and easy for us to relate to.The Mother aspect I see more as the heart of the great Goddess for as Crone She is still Mother.The Maiden She reminds us all it is ok to make time for play and embrace the youth and child within. The Mother is more intimate in that She is a nurturer, teacher,counciler.and yes a friend to Her children She is the Earth eversustaining and giving life. She is ever pregant and ready to birth. Symbolically She is the boiling or churning of the Cauldron for the cauldron rep Her womb She is the summer, the ripening ,of all things.She is the high point in all cycles. Her color traditionally is red, and is the life force. The Mother is associated with maturity, adulthood, parenthood,Her love is unconditional , it is perfect love, yet it is alove that disciplines whenShe feels it is needed. She is the keeper of the cycles and seasons. She is about personal responsibilty about our choices and actions. She is the Full Moon, She is the fullness of life. She is confidence and increased knowldge of life.She is the intiator into the great mysteries. Some Mother Goddess- Gaia,Selene,Demeter,Hera,Isis,Hathor,Badb,Aradia,

I walk ouit side into the night I

 am kissed by Her waxing light

Her love surrounds me Her light shines on me

I am Hers She is mine

My Mother fills the night She is the Moon in all Her glory

She is the Great and awsome Goddess

The Crone

 To Her belong the waning and dark of the moon. She is the part of the triple Goddess most misunderstood and even feared. She is called the Dark Mother, the Hag, The terrible one, and the Wise One. She is the sailver white hared older woman, ancient She has lived life fully, and has the wisdom that comes wiht time. The Crone’s realm deals with death, endings, transition, major changes, She is Winter, Her color black, For She is the blackness of the womb where life awaits rebirth. Her number is 9 and Hers belong sacred magcik She is the Hermit in the tarot. When you need to end something, banish, remove, protect, or working on personal transformtion shadow work, She is the one to work with. The Crone helps us with grief, and to accept endings as part of the cycle of life we must go on. The Crone is about using your head, not allowing emotions to rule you or your choices. The Crone is about aging, and being more reflective .She helps women thru menopause and the change and cycle of life. From Her we learn wisdom, When we need justice, retribution, divorce from a relationship She is the one to go to. Some Crone Goddesses- Isis crone of death,Nephthysis, Hecate,Morrigan some myths say She is a triple Crone,Caillech , Cerridwen, andKali,

 From out of the ash heap of death A new soul arises Purged in the fires of purification Initiated in spirit to new life She was there at my cross roads For where one path ends a new begins I fell into the darkness of despair For all that had been Now was no longer to be A fall from grace some may say But a new birth awaited me Here at the crossroads of my life Would I choose life or death Only I could choose She waited I chose She took me deeper Into the darkness of the woods Into the darkness of my soul Into the darkness of my tomb She encircled me with Her cloak I felt myself melt Is this death She spoke For all who would truly live Must pass through me…… Some call Me Hecate others Kali, others Hel I am the Dark Mother The Crone Yet I am the most beautiful One Look into me and you will see…



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