Witchcraft, Witch, what do you think of? Brooms and a old woman with a black hat flying? A cauldron with an old hag brewing her spells? Images of Hollywood version of witches?
Witchcraft is older than Christianity, in fact many Christian practices have been borrowed from witches or paganism.
Witchcraft is under the umbrella of paganism for not all who call themselves pagans are witches. Like Wicca is also under the umbrella of paganism.
Witchcraft is the Craft of the witch. So then what is a Witch?
A Witch is connected to their own energies, the earth and the universes. A Witch knows how to channel their energy with earth and the universes to create change in their lives. Each witch as their own ethics. To have  this power you must be responsible how you use this power
Basic principles or law of power
1. Be careful whom you trust. This goes back to the times of persecution. Not everyone is open minded.
2 Be careful what you do. The energy you send is the energy that will come back. It goes full circle. Call it whatever threefold law, law of karma, but it comes full circle. Also one should be mindful of another’s will and their lessons
3 Never use the power against someone who has the power.
You may not like them etc and totally think nothing of them however in spirit you are kin Kin does no harm to kin.
4. To use the power you must feel it within you. You must desire it with all your heart and energy You must believe it.
5 To use the power you must  be able to keen the power.
Now this I may have gotten 4 and five together, however these are what is called laws of power. Like I said to each witch has their own ethics, But in general a true witch cause you happened to get on their  nerve at work will not just use their power and hex you. That is foolish and immature.
A Witch knows they are powerful, they are nature lovers, animal lovers, and tree and plant lovers. They love Mother earth . They are conservationist in one way or another.
They are educated wise. They are herbalist, intuitive,  knowledgeable about life. In the old days witches were medicine women, councliors, fortunetellers, advisers astrologists.
What gave witches a bad name and  hence persecution was fear, and gossip. Lack of knowledge.
A friend of mine I asked if she would write something on what it means for her to be a witch…………
Her name is Blackbird-
On being a witch I guess you can say I always knew I was different . My Mom always tried to hide mine and my sister’s gift’s from the Family (roman Catholic if you know what I mean…lol) But it got to a point in my life that I was just tired of being told what to do all the time. I always went head to head with Priest, ministers, pastor, nun’s you name it. I could not see the Male point of view of organized Religion. It just drove me crazy to think that people could not think for them self’s. I refused to be a lamb to the slaughter. so I started reading anything I could get my hands on about The Craft. My sister’s ex-boyfriend’s mother was a Santeria Priestess and she should us a lot of stuff. But that just was not it either.
Then one day My sister and I where driving in Long Beach, Ca. , and I remembered about a store that was on Broadway called the eye of the cat and we meet Judith and Cynthia . (We where to go to another store not that one). They told us about meeting’s they had once a week and we started going. It got to a point that my sister and I knew more then a lot of the people that where going to these meetings.
It was Judith and Cynthia that told us what we really are and that we had to come to terms with it and once we did the world will be different. And they were right. Once I came to terms that I was a witch and my mother finley told My sister and I about are family ancestors it all came into play.
I’m Proud of who I am The Daughter of the Goddess strong and true. To help the daughters out there that need help and guidance. So that they are not confused. There are a lot of women out there that need help but I only help when asked and I never force my way’s or beliefs on anyone.
All I say is ” I’m the daughter of the Goddess and I do not follow a 1st century Rabbi and or other men and there teaching’s . I will stand by you as an equal always but never your slave to you teaching’s.”

Many witches knew they were for a long time just never knew what it was called. You can feel it within and  life will show you as well.
Witches worked magick really for survival to encourage the crops to grow to protect the harves, to heal. What is wrong with those things.
The oldest form of magick or one of the oldest forms is what is called sympathetic magick, like effectc like.
This is a type of sympathetic magick and a lil history of the besome.
Our ancestors during the full moon would go out into fields with forks brooms, and hobby horses and would ride them and jump up in their circles to encourage and show the crops how high they wanted them to grow. Eventually some
saw this and  it later got started witches r
ride brooms.
You know when I was young before I knew to call to the quarters or anything I took a friend and wanted to know what it be ;like to have or be god did not know about Goddess or  the power within us so we got up on a stone  area she followed my lead and we calle dto the winds of the four cornesrs they blew and stoped at  my word I was awed and I honestly  belive it happend to teach me  a lesson about how we all have the power within if we learn to tap into us.
Witchcraft is a very general term that incorporates many practitioners of magic(k) and nature based religions, the newest and most well known of these religions being Wicca. The word Wicca comes from the older word ‘wicce’ which means either ‘the wise’ or ‘to bend’Editor – Spiritual.com.au

The word ‘Witch’ actually means ‘Magic Maker’. Generally speaking Witches are Pagans. Many people believe that paganism is a religion but others call it a system of beliefs or a culture.

The terms Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism are often used interchangeably adding confusion to a great body of knowledge that is generally misunderstood by those not directly involved.

Magic(k) is a part of occult study, along with systems of divination and alchemy. In general, magic(k) is the activity of trying to cause change toward a desired end through symbolic means. The objectives of Magic(k) and the elements of its practice vary from one system or culture to another.



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