Mystical Inspiration

We all have a shadow
We can not escape it
We may ignore it
But then it is there


Awake Awake Awake
Let My soul awke
With a New Dawn
Aset Aset Aset
From the Dew of the morning
You appear
With the midst as Your feet
With the Winds I am embraced
Kissed by  Your rains
Let Aset be praised
I stand before  You as I am
With arms outstretched
Seeing myself  with the colores
of My Great Mother
I breathe in Her breath
and I release Her breath
I close my eyes
I breathe Her breath in again
I slowly release
I am in Her presence
Her presence is in me
I listen to Her heartbeat
In the silnce of the moment
I quiet my soul
Feel Her energy
Feel Her love
Embrace Her
She will embrace you
Mother of Life
Crone of Death
She walks with us
through it all
Blessed Be
                      From the deep thoughts of Her heart
                              To the waters of Her womb
                                Born of Loves divine plan
                                 Through the fires of life
                             Like  clay in the potters hand
                                       My life is formed
                                    I am who Iam today
                           For Her hands have been on me
                                            all this way
                                    With divine destiney
                                         planted inside
                          I walk the path that lays before me
                                      One day at a time
                                 Till my time here is done
                                     Then I shall return
                                To the heart  I was at first
                                 Till its time for me to be
                                 to once again be reborn
                                        So Blessed be

Honoring the Maiden – 2009








Feel the warming of the air
As winter’s grip starts to slip
Spring is rising more each day
Light is growing
A new season is dawning
The wheel is turning
The ice queen is melting
Life is renewed as the cycle goes on
Birds sing  as eggs are layed
Soon again new life will be hatched
Hear the song in the air
The Maidens voice
Calling us out from winters clutch
Time to let the child out
To know whsat it is to play again
Time to open your heart and life
To fresh breezes of Her touch
Feel the joy of the Maiden
As soon She will become the Bride
For soon the fires of Beltane
Will light the season once again
Blessed be The Maiden’s here
Blessed be the Maiden’s here
Skip and dance, twirl and sing
What joy has come
For winter’s done
Blessed be the Maiden’s here
Blessed be the Maiden’s here
Let laughter fill thy heart again
As life  calls thee to play again
Blessed be the Maidens here.




Mystic Child
She was born in a world she didn’t belong.
She was born under signs that was not her
Mystic Child
Growing up trying to fit in.
Trying to find a place she didn’t belong
Many tears  have been shed
Why she asks am I here if I do not belong?
Mystic Child
You are here not to fit in,
but to learn and grow and discover who you are.
Your purpose is not to be served but to serve.
To serve the Lady and Lord by serving humanity.
But you must know who you are and stop trying to fit in.
Mystic Child
Child of wonder. Child of the stars
Child of light Child of Aset.
Mystic Child you have come so far
Do not give up cause things get hard.
Mystic Child like a flower
You will bloom
In time to come you will understand
Mystic Child listen to your heart

I open my mouth and my heart sings
A song not learned nor taught by a man
I sing the song of the virgin
Pure and innocent
She is carefree
Lalalala Lalalala
Can you hear her tune
Can you hear Her melody
A song not sung with human words
So no man may copy  for it is Her song
It is the song that arouses the sun to rise
It is a song that birds  know how to sing
In a chorus of joyous melody
To wich all nature sings
It is the song of the virgin
As She dances carefree
Come with me all ye of faries
Dance with me and sing the song of spring
Let us create once again
Come with me my faery friends
dance with me and sing the song of spring
Joyful Joyful Maiden we adore thee
Open to us the heart of spring
Flows bloom and and babies are born
How we celebrate the renewal of life
Roses bud  and love does bloom
Soon the song of the Bride we shall be heard
Buring torches , and fire pits
Phallic poles and ribbins to
All in celebration of the Great Rite
Beltane Fires soon to burn
But for now we will sing  this a joyful tune
Come with me to Her forests
Deep within far from all
Come with me to the rivers edge
Through the branches Her path does lead
To hear the waters as they flow
Come with me to the waters edge
Pure and clean are the healing waters
Be not afraid to dip your foot within
Chilly waters from melting snows
Will wash away your uncleanliness
Take a dip be renewed
Come away as somone new
Samhain Poem …… 2006
This was alos a poem I found from my first year while I was working on first degree
I have been thinking of the chalice all day  so  hence Sacred Chalice  and yes  mine happens to be silver.
Sacred Silver Chalice
Lifts high
As above so below
As within so without
Full of love
Overflowing all about
Sacred waters
Ever living waters
From the womb of the Goddess
They ever flow
Sacred Chalice
Blessed be the Blood of the Goddess
Divine life ever living and flowing
Held in my hands
Held in my heart
To feel the energy of the Goddess
Blessed be  Our Mother’s womb
Matrix of creation
Blessed  be  Our Lady’s blood
Ever living
Blessed be our mother’s womb
From where I shall be reborn
Sacred Silver Chalice
I honor you
Let me drink of you this night
As I drink in the essence
Of our Great Goddess
So Mote it be
**************Chalice dance*****************
Two ways of doing this during full or dark moon
Need 13 white or black candles
Milk or red wine in chalice not all the way full partly ok
As you light your candles
1st for full moon
Say  Let light and love surround me Let light and love surround me
2nd for dark moon
Say Let light and protection surround me  Let light and protection surround me
Light up the chalice
Hold it
Feel the energy of the Goddess
Feel Her belly
Breathe in slowly 1 2 3 4
Now release
Repeat as  you feel need
Care fully  twirl around   full moon  widdershines
Dark moon decoil ( forgot how to spell it LOL)
Round and round  Spiral around 3x  in the circle
Imagine yourself in Her
Within the Goddess you live and move and have your being
Within You She lives and moves and has Her being
Return to middle
Drink  in of Her milk or wine slowly.
Chant as you dance as you feel  to do so
Blessed be the Sacred Chalice
Blessed be the lips that drink from you
Blessed be the sacred chalice
Blessed be the lips that drink from you
Breathe again
Slowly lower chalice and sit
Complete  or end this as you desire
So blessed be


Fire Aflame Fire of Time
Fires of Summer soon now will pass
Fires of Life
Fires of Death
Eternal flames ever burning
Within My Belly
I feel the burning
Of The Divine Presence
Fire aflame Fire within my Soul
As now I must Dance
within the Fire Of Samhain
Cirling around
As does life and death
Circle around to all
lo, To Dance with the Horned One
Between the worlds
were time is , and yet is not
A magickal Nite is O Hallos Eve
When Spirits awake
to say one last Good nite
As they leave and pass
Into the Summerlands
Tis the Night
of both Death & Rebirth
Fires Aflame Burning ever Bright
In this darkest of nights
Flames of Red, and Orange
See the colores
feel their flames
Beat the drums
Say good Bye to yesterday
And in your Dance
Embrace the new Day
A New Dawn Comes suddenly your way
Burn fires Burn
Fires of Samhain Burn
Within my soul Burn
The Fire Of the God
Burns within My Belly
I feel the heat
I feel His energy
I feel His Power
Burn fires Burn
Fires of Samhain Burn
O Horned God
Although my Journey
as just begun
Teach me Your dance
As I hold to Your Horns
Let me ride
the ride of the Goddess
Let Me learn of Her Ways
Fires Burn,
Buirn Fires Burn
Fires of Samhain Burn






2 Responses to “Mystical Inspiration”

  1. Midnight

    Midnight comes every night
    As my Soul has its dark nights
    Light is veild from my sight
    While Dark Shadows Surround my bed

    Time passes according to the clock
    But the Night in my soul
    Has stilled as quiet waters

    My Twin is dark and strong
    I feel as if I am 2 yet Iam One
    Tears flow from my eyes again
    Filling my bed as a pool

    How I long for mself to be held
    Caressed gentle with love
    Yet my blanket is the night

    Where is comfort to be found
    If it can’t be foun wihtin
    It will never be found without

    What made my twin re awake
    I do not know
    My Twin is a apart of me
    I wish at times it would die

    Midnight of my soul
    I feel the coolness of the night
    Blow through the window to my soul
    I feel so alone

    Midnight of My soul
    I live
    Yet I ask am I dying inside?
    Is this what dying feels like
    It starts within, then without
    Does one die inside before they die without?
    Is this why I do not see a future here for me
    Questions I ask and wonder about
    While blanketed by the night

    After the Moon goes dark
    The new appears
    I wonder if when I awake
    Will it be New for me over There
    Has my life completed its cycle?
    Time will tell if it is so

    Midnight comes every night
    So does death to every one
    What would I do if the door was opend for me to go
    Would I walk through?
    That I do not know

    I Hear Her Whisper to My Soul
    Picture Yourself Within the Shelter of My Wings
    See Yourself as a child rested upon the Mother
    Let Your Soul be queited within
    Iam Here feel Me or Not Iam Here
    You are never all alone.

  2. Full Moon Inpsiration

    When the moon is high
    Then come on out
    To a sacred place
    Light a fire
    Beat your drums
    and dance the circle round
    Celebrate in mirth reverence
    lift high you voice in song
    Chant with a joy full tune
    Call Her down in Her sacred Name
    Open wide yourself to Her
    As the human and divine
    merge together as one tonight

    When the moon is high
    It is time to express your need
    Chant your spell in sacred rhyme
    See it first and it shall be
    With harm to none so mote it be!

    Dark Moon
    Hail Dark Mother
    Full of love and justice in all Your ways
    Hail Hecate
    Pulled by dragons of three
    Escorted by hounds
    Goddess of the crossroads
    Guardian of the gate
    Ancient Hag
    Wisdom personified
    Flaming fire in Your hand
    Come blessed Queen of the Night

    When darkness hides Her face
    Then with somberness of soul
    Come before the Queen of Witches and the night
    Light your candle
    Offer Her your incense
    Come and welcome Her
    With all your might
    With all your heart
    Within a sacred circle
    Just you and Her
    Clothed in reverence
    Naked shall you stand
    In truth and freedom shall you be
    Celebrate the dark moon night

    In the quietness of the night
    Hush shall be your soul
    Give your ear, and She will speak
    Her lips dispense wisdom and knowledge
    When She knows your ready
    Secrets She shall reveal
    Teaching you true magic
    and Her sacred ways.

    Dance with Her on the night floor
    Were only stars light the sky
    Dance with Her
    Embrace Her without fear
    Offer Her Sacred cakes and ale
    Honor Her and She will you
    She is Hecate, One of a kind
    None like Her
    Goddess of all evening rites.

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